Ted Jamieson


Ted Jamieson fought Hall of Famer Gene Tunney in 1919 during an A.E.F. light heavyweight championship. It was an elimination series based in France. Gene went on to win the series as well as defeat the heavyweights in the tournament also.

In 1920 Ted Jamieson fought Hall of Famer Harry Greb twice within a 4 week period. Ted became one of only 7 men to ever knock Greb down on the canvas. In the first round of their first fight Greb was knocked down by Ted for a 4 count. Greb never underestimated Jamieson after that.





The following is taken from "The Milwaukee Sentinel" newspaper on Thursday September 23, 1920- the day after Jamieson and Greb fought for the second time.

-written by Chet Koeppel

Ted Jamieson sustained a broken thumb on his right hand in his contest with Harry Greb, of Pittsburgh, at the Auditorium Wednesday night and the injured digit pained him to such an extent that he requested that the bout be stopped and at the finish of the sixth session, referee Walter Houlehen, raised his right paw and declared hostilities at an end.

The incident will go down as a technical knockout victory for Greb. Had the battle gone the limit there would have been no doubt as to the victor. Greb simply punched Jamieson from rope to rope and made him look foolish and like an amateur in nearly every stanza. Ted never had a chance in the six innings of milling,. He was completely outclassed by the Smoky City representitive, who looks more like a flying fish than a fighter, when in action.

Ted stopped more punches than one can keep tabs of. The winner soaked the Milwaukean with nearly everything but the towels and it was really a pity to witness such a drubbing handed to a local lad. At the end of the fifth round Jamieson called Houlehan to his corner and informed the latter that his (Jamieson's) right hand was out of whack and that the pain was almost unbearable. Ted, however, agreed to go through another stanza and at the conclusion of the sixth, the fans reached for thier hats and started homeward. Jamieson took a terrible lacing as long as it lasted and it is doubtful if he could cope with Greb, even had not the injury to his thumb been sustained.

An X-ray was taken of Jamieson's hand shortly after the fight and, according to Dr. Morter of the Wisconsin state boxing commision, Ted's thumb was fractured above the first joint.
















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