Swats Adamson




The following article is from the Pittsburgh Post newspaper, November 18, 1914 :

ADAMSON WILL TAKE ROBINSON'S PLACE AGAINST EVANS TONIGHT - Ad Wolgast holds the world's record as a hard-luck boxer, but Red Robinson, the Pittsburgh lightweight, runs him a close second. Red will be prevented by a fine mess of boils that have broken out on his neck, from filling his engagement with Hooks Evans, the South Hills scrapper, before the Highland Athletic Club tonight, and Swats Adamson, another Southside boxer, has been signed in a hurry to fill his shoes.

As Red was in no condition to go on a swift change was made. Swats Adamson, who has been in training for two weeks for a fight in Stuebenville next week, was rounded up, and as he is in first class condition, he agreed to go on with Evans just to keep the club from disappointing the crowd, and to give himself a tryout before his battle in the buckeye state.

BETWEEN OLD RIVALS - "..........as Adamson and Evans are old rivals, and as both come from south of the Monongahela, the rivalry is a bitter one. They will do their best as a victory at this stage of the game would fit in right for either one of them. The fans can look for plenty of action in the Rowe building at the corner of Highland and Penn avenues, East liberty, this evening."


The following article is from the Pittsburgh Post newspaper, January 22, 1915 :

Swats Adamson, the Oakland welterweight, who is matched with Buck Styperk of Oakdale in the main bout of the Southern Club's boxing show monday night, is not going to be outdone by either Clabby or Gibbons, both of whom have developed according to their statements, new and heretofore undiscovered punches. Swats has a new punch that particularly fits his style of boxing, and which is likely to prove dangerous to Styperk when the men come to close quarters. Matt Gorman, upon whom Swats tried the blow, calls it the "Zeppelin slam" because it comes from above, like a bomb, and detonates on an opponents chin. The blow is short left hook to the jaw that misses, then with the glove inside his opponent's guard, Swats shoots it down and in with a jolt.





 selected bouts

PRE-April 1912 (exact dates are unknown)
unknown	1911	Jack   Kress		Pitts.		ND 6  (took place BEFORE January 21, 1911. Documented in the Pittsburgh Press. June 9, 1912.)
unknown	19??	Walter Monoghan		Pitts.		unknown (At Old City Hall)
unknown	1911	Jack   Kress		Pitts.		ND 6  (took place AFTER January 21, 1911. Documented in the Pittsburgh Press. June 9, 1912.)
May 16  19??	Walter Monoghan		unknown		unknown

Jan 15	1912	Eddie Gumbert		Pitts.		Unknown   (This fight was scheduled as one of the 3 undercards of the Frank Klaus/Jimmy Howard Fight. Swats was said to be coming back from a "year's rest".)
Mar 30	1912	Irish  Gorgas		Pitts.		ND 6 (win) close fight
Apr 18	1912	Hook    Evans		Pitts.		ND 6 (win) "Adamson had the fight from the opening round, and Evans was forced to extend himself to keep his feet until the finish."
May 15	1912	Mickey Rodgers		Pitts.		Loss
Aug 12	1912	Red  Robinson		Pitts.		ND 6 (draw/loss)

Nov 18	1914	Hooks  Evans		Pitts.		ND 6

Jan 28	1915	Mickey Sheridan		Michig.		L 10  

(The fight took place in Lansing, Michigan. According to the Pittsburgh Post, "Swats Adamson of Pittsburgh found the Smoky City lad the toughest proposition he has faced this season. It was the best exhibition that has been seen here since the boxing game was revived recently. Both fighters gave their best effort to a fair-sized and enthusiastic crowd.")



 selected bouts

Mar 6	1915	Harry Greb-Tommy Mack			Penns.		ND 6

**Photo supplied by Debbie Adamson Curcio (his granddaughter)