Soldier Buck



Soldier Buck (Walter F. Buckrop) was a middleweight boxer who fought from 1920 to 1931. Soldier Buck aka Walter Buckdrop was a promising Middleweight of the 1920's. He had an impressive list of KO's and was known as a dynamite puncher. Soldier fought out of Louisville Kentucky under the management of H.A. Schickinger. Soldier has said to have fought 127 fights in his career, although it is unkown if this includes amateur bouts.

The Soldier ended up facing Harry Greb on two occasions losing both encounters ( one was a title bout). The first bout in 1925 Buck dropped a ten round decision. The story is that Buck nailed Harry early in the fight and dropped him hard to the canvas in a daze. One of Bucks handlers then shouted out " so much for your champion "....Greb arose from the canvas in a rage and proceeded to beat Soldier Buck like a punching bag. Buck later commented that it was one of the worst pastings he had ever expierienced and that Greb hit him with more punches than all of his other career opponents combined.

Buck also ended up facing Young Stribling a couple times later in his career but lost both fights. Other notable fighters Buck faced were Billy Britton, Joe Lohman, Frankie Jones, Jock Malone and Chuck Wiggins.


The following are exerpts from newspaper articles about the FIRST fight between Harry Greb and Soldier Buck (supplied by Robert F. Walker):


"Will Buck's left jab be able to keep the whirlwind wind mill tactics of Champion Grebe (sic) under control? Many fans believe Buck will trim the champion, but just as many are confident the champion will score a victory over the local boy."

"Soldier Buck has prepped for the Greb bout nicely. The soldier is trained to the top of his form. Road work and gym exercises have put him in great shape. The soldier will have no excuses if beaten. Buck says he will win over the champion. Buck says he'll use his left jab to keep the champ at a distance and that he'll try to outbox him."


"Buck nailed the champion several times with rocking rights and lefts. These were the signals for unrestrained cheering from the fans, who backed the soldier to the last. They emplored Buck to "Talk Louisville" and the soldier did his best to show civic patriotism with rights and lefts. He made a most creditable showing against one of the greatest middleweights that ever has lived. Buck will meet with heartening sucess when he goes East. He was no Tommy Burns to allow Greb to go through ten rounds with hair unmussed and come out not breathing hard. Greb's hair was tangled around, he spat blood in the fourth chukker, and he was ruddy with perspiration from the milling. There was never a dull moment, and things came out to the satisfaction of all patrons. Buck more than lived up to expectations." "The receipts were announced as $5,116."



The following are exerpts from newspaper articles about the SECOND fight between Harry Greb and Soldier Buck(supplied by Robert F. Walker):


"It will not be an exhibition nor will Greb's title be at stake. It will be a real fight but Buck is unable to make the weight, and therefore the championship will not be in danger."


"Geb Surprises South By Speed In Beating Soldier Buck

Champion, Weighing 166 Pounds, Gives Away Twenty-five Pounds and Thrills Capaciy Crowd by Dazzling Exhibition; Says He Will Sign for Berlenbach Friday.

Nashville, Tenn., Dec.14. - Showing speed and method of attack never before seen in a local ring, Harry Greb, world's middleweight champion, electrified a capacity crowd here tonight in the manner in which he outclassed Soldier Buck in eight rounds. Six tims Buck was shot through the ropes when Greb connected with terrific left hooks, but each time the local heavyweight came back and was almost out on his feet at the finish.

Greb started slowly, trying to figure out Buck, who had previously given him a hard fight in Louisville. But after the first round Greb moved at such dazzling speed and kept throwing both hands into Buck so fast that the crowd cheered wildly for a knockout.

After four rounds of a terrific pace, during which he took all the fight out of Buck, Greb eased up in the sixth and seventh, but finished the final round in a burst of speed which went to prove why Greb is rated as one of the greatest fighters in the ring.

Greb, who weighed 166 pounds, gave away almost 25 pounds, but never let Buck get set to land the famous right which has won him many fights in this section. "



The following fight record of Soldier Buck was supplied by Robert F. Walker. These were from Soldier's own personal handwritten list of his fights. The list covered the years 1920-1927. Soldier Buck has stated he had 127 fights total but only 75 were on his handwritten list. The rest may have taken place between 1928 -1931 and/or may include amateur bouts as well.

-Soldier's personal handwritten list starts here
Feb 27	1920	Battling Rogers		Kenmore,Ohio	W 4
Mar 16	1920	Jerry Phillips		Barberton,Ohio	KO 4
Apr 23	1920	Battling Buzz		Barberton,Ohio	EXH 4
Apr 30	1920	Bull   Smith		Barberton,Ohio	W 6
Jul 4	1920	Norm Jeanette		Kenmore, ???	W 10
Sept 6	1920	Billy  Brock		Akron,  Ohio	KO 6
Dec 23	1920	R. Harrisson		Louisville,KY	KO'd by 2 (loss)

Jan 10	1921	Jack  McMann		Louisville,KY	W 6
Feb 1	1921	K.O.  Schram		Louisville,KY	W 4
Jul 4	1921	Norm   Genet		Barberton,Ohio	W 10
Jul 11	1921	Jack   Ranch		Louisville,KY	W 8
Aug 29	1921	Speed Sparks		Cincinatti,Ohio	KO'd by 1 (loss)
Sept 5	1921	Joe   Rivers		Louisville,KY	W 8
Sep 19	1921	Eddie Mullaney		Muncie,  IND	W 10
Oct 23	1921	Anton the Greek		Kankakee, IL	W 10
Nov 13	1921	Eddie Mullaney		Kankakee, IL	W 10
Nov 20	1921	S.    Mullin		Muncie,   IN	W 10
Dec 18	1921	Pat    Walsh		Louisville,KY	WF 2

Jan 23	1922	Rip Harrison		Louisville,KY	W 10
Feb 17	1922	Frankie Jones		Louisville,KY	W 10
Feb 27	1922	Harry  Krohn		Janesville,OH	W 12
Mar 18	1922	Joe   Lohman		Muncie  		WF 7
May 12	1922	Harry  Krohn		Louisville,KY	W 12
Jul 4	1922	Billy Newson		Camp Knox,KY	Draw 
Jul 23	1922	Jimmy  Burns		Louisville,KY	W 10
Aug 7	1922	Pat    Walsh		Louisville,KY	KO 3 (win)
Aug 25	1922	Frankie Jones		Louisville,KY	W 10
Sep 23	1922	Jack   Ranch		Louisville,KY	KO by 1 (loss)
Oct 12	1922	Billy  Freas		Louisville,KY	W 12
Nov 15	1922	Billy Britton		Janesville,OH	L 12
Dec 13	1922	Johnny Klesch		Janesville,OH	W 12

Jan 8	1923	Hugh    Ross		Louisville,KY	L 12
Feb 26	1923	Harry  Krohn		Barberton,OH	L 12
Apr 23	1923	Marty  Reese		Louisville,KY	W 10
May 23	1923	Dutch Seifert		Stuttgart,AR	WF 8
June 8	1923	Dutch Seifert		Stuttgart,AR	W 10
July 9	1923	Johnny  Shea		Memphis,  TN	W 8
Jul 24	1923	Pat  Travers		Louisville,KY	KO 5 (win)
Aug 22	1923	Roy  Wallace		Indianapolis,IN	KO BY 8 (loss)
Sep 12	1923	Harry    Fay		Louisville,KY	L 12
Oct 8	1923	Pinky Crosby		Louisville,KY	KO 8 (win)
Oct 11	1923	Jimmy    Cox		Louisville,KY	EXH 4
Oct 19	1923	Dude Martinez		New  Orleans	Loss (Referee Decision)
Dec 3	1923	Young Marullo		New  Orleans	KO'd (loss)

Jan 7	1924	George Cummings		Louisville,KY	Win
Feb 18	1924	Eddie Staten		Louisville,KY	Win
Mar 3	1924	Jack  Butler		Louisville,KY	Win
Apr 1	1924	Joe  Walters		Louisville,KY	KO 5 (win)
May 21	1924	Jack    Ryan		Louisville,KY	KO 1 (win)
Jun 9	1924	Young Corbett		Cincinatti,OH	KO 4 (win)
Jul 14	1924	Harry    Fay		Louisville,KY	W 12
Jul 22	1924	Roy  Wallace		Indianapolis,IN	W 10
Aug 5	1924	Patsy  Rocco		Indianapolis,IN	Draw 10
Sep 8	1924	Eddie Welsch		Evansville,IN	KO by 1 (loss)
Sep 16	1924	Roy  Wallace		Indianapolis,IN	L 10
Nov 6	1924	Jack Reddick		Atlanta,  GA	KO'd by 2 (loss)
Dec 15	1924	Eddie Staten		Louisville,KY	KO 1 (win)

Jan 19	1925	Billy McGowan		Louisville,KY	KO 4
Jan 30	1925	Bud    Nolan		Louisville,KY	W 10
Feb 16	1925	Johnny Klesch		Louisville,KY	W 12
Mar 16	1925	Joe   O'Hara		Louisville,KY	W 12
Apr 20	1925	Jack Middleton		Louisville,KY	W 12
May 16	1925	Norm   Genet		Louisville,KY	W 10
June 1	1925	Harry   Greb		Louisville,KY	L 10
Aug 24	1925	Nails  Moran		Louisville,KY	W 12
Sep 7	1925	Patsy  Rocco		Louisville,KY	W 12
Sep 15	1925	Joe    Packo		Indianapolis,IN	W 12
Sep 21	1925	Eddie Welsch		Louisville,KY	W 12
Oct 19	1925	Tommy McLoughlin	Louisville,KY	KO 1
Nov 2	1925	Young Stribling		Memphis,   TN	KO by 3 (loss)
Nov 8	1925	Mickey Brennan		Nashville, TN	Win
Nov 23	1925	Jack    Grey		Nashville, TN	Win
Nov 30	1925	Chuck Wiggins		Louisville,KY	Loss
Dec 14	1925	Harry   Greb		Nashville, TN	L 8
Dec 28	1925	George Mulholland	Louisville,KY	Win

Jan 27	1926	George Mulholland	Indianapolis,IN	ND
Mar 22	1926	Billy Britton		Louisville,KY	ND
Mar 29	1926	Billy Britton		Memphis,   TN	Draw
May 28	1926	Cowboy Padgett		Louisville,KY	KO 5
Jun 10	1926	Jimmy  Darrah		Akron,     OH	ND 10
Sep 6	1926	Harry     Fay		Louisville,KY	ND 12
Oct 18	1926	Young Stribling		Louisville,KY	KO by 4 (loss)
Dec 10	1926	Johnny Klesch		Dayton,  Ohio	W 10

Jan 1	1927	Johnny Klesch		Dayton,  Ohio	W 10
Jan 24	1927	Jimmy  Darrah		Louisville,KY	W 12
Jan 31	1927	Chuck   Burns		Louisville,KY	LF 4
Nov 4	1927	Frankie Murphy		Evansville, IN	KO 4
Nov 9	1927	Sailor Bishop		Seymore        	W 10

-Soldier's personal handwritten list ends here

Mar 16	1928	Jock   Malone		Springfield,OH	KO'd by 1 (loss)
Apr 11	1928	Chuck Wiggins		EastSt.Louis,IL	KO'd by 2 (loss) (Everlast has Soldier Burke at St. Louis, MO for this bout.)



Shown below is a portion of his fight record handwritten by Soldier Buck himself.

Supplied by Robert F. Walker