Owen Phelps


Born Owen Guy Phelps, this tough boxer was known as "Rough House Nelson". In this picture you see Phelps looking at a photo of then Middleweight champion Harry Greb.



Headline: OWEN PHELPS FIGHT IN PHOENIX-Greb;I'll Beat Him, Vows Phelps;Toss-up Believed.

Owen Phelps says "I am going into that ring to fight every minute. He will knock me out, or I will knock him out-either that, or one of us will be battered into helpless and stay up solely through ability to take punishment. I expect to get at least as good as a draw. What difference does it make if Greb is world champion? He is still human, and any human can be stopped. I'm stronger than he is, and I'm younger. Undoubtedly I shall take more punishment than Greb, but I can take more, and come back stronger. I'm not going in tonight just to stay, or to make a good showing. I'm going in to win, and I believe I will win."

Harry Greb won the victory, but to Owen Phelps, Mesa's fighting school boy goes the glory.

Phelps was outclassed in practically every element that goes into boxing, except the greatest of them all-that of courage. He opposed a heavier man-Greb weighed 169 to Phelps 163. He encountered the mental hazard of facing a champion and one of the greatest champions of the age.

But after it was over, Greb grasped Phelps hand, placed his arms about the Mesa boy's shoulder and said something not audible to the ringsiders.

"Boy, you gave me a darn good fight," was Greb's praise of Phelps. And in that statement, Greb described exactly what occured-Phelps gave Greb a "darn good fight."

Red Mason....manager of Harry Greb, last night offered $5,000 for the contract to manage Owen Phelps after Phelps great showing with the world champion.......The offer was declined for Phelps by his father.


 selected bouts

unknown	1923	Kid Parkinson	unknown		KO 4

unknown	1924	Sailor  Mott	unknown		W 4
unknown	1924	K.O.   Brown	unknown		D 10

unknown	1925	Ray   Garcia	unknown		W 8
unknown	1925	Ray   Garcia	unknown		K 5
unknown	1925	Jack   Lynch	unknown		W 6
unknown	1925	Jack   Lynch	unknown		D 10

Feb 12	1926	Harry   Greb	Arizona		L 10
unknown	1926	Mike   Doyle	unknown		K 7
unknown	1926	Bert  Calima	unknown		KO by 2

Sept 14	1931	Maxie Rosenbloom  Iowa		L 10

Jan 4	1932	Bob   Godwin	unknown		ND 10