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Mike Milko was a well known Western Pennsylvanian amateur Lightweight champion. He fought most of his career at 135 pounds. He was once called the "Duquesne Hurricane". He was also known as "Kid" Milko and an alias Mickey Jerome. His brother was Paul F. Milko and boxed at the same time as Mike but at the 115 pound weight class. Mike Milko was of Slavish-American heritage. Mike fought in exhibitions against such notable fighters as Ad Wolgast, Frank Klaus and Hall of Famer Battling Nelsom.

During his extensive amateur background (1908-1912), he fought while living in the Homestead and Munhall areas of Pennsylvania. At one time he was a workout partner for Owen Moran in 1910.Mike eventually turned pro in late 1912 under the management of Sam Shaw, but only after he had to his credit the lightweight amateur championship of the tri-state, the state lightweight championship and the mid-Atlantic championship in that 135-pound class. It was printed that "He captured these titles within a few days of competition in 1910. The tri-state tournament was held in the old Duquesne Garden in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, he recalled, while the state competition was held in Old Turner Hall on Fifth Ave. in Homestead." To win the Mid-Atlantic bouts Mike knocked out three men in one night to take the title. "None of them went over two rounds with me," he said. "I knocked 'em all out." "I never will forget one of 'em," he boasted, "I came out, shook hands with him and gave him a punch and knocked him out."

In the December 20, 1912 issue of the Pittsburgh Press Mike Milko officially changed his name to "Mickey Jerome". It was also stated in the article that he began to use a manager at this time. He also declared that he "never trained for any frays" and yet he pointed out the fact that he has more than held his own with solid hitters.


Mike Milko fought Harry Greb twice in 1913. Their first meeting was October 22nd at the Young Mens Rep. Club in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This was only Greb's 5th professional bout and Mike Milko gave Greb a fight to remember. Although it was a No Decision bout, some newspapers said the fight was a draw and others wrote that Mike Milko won the bout. The two boxers fought again one month later on November 17th at the Southside Market House in Pittsburgh. This bout was also a No Decision and the papers gave the fight to Greb. The referee for both fights was Yock Henniger. It was said that "in their second meeting Mike Milko hit the Pittsburgh Windmill so hard he cracked a couple of Greb's ribs, thus softening him up for Joe Chip, the only pug who ever kayoed the Pittsburgher."

Here is a newspaper article about Milko and Greb's upcoming first bout: "Harry Grebbs, the young boxer who is matched with Mike Milko in the main bout of the Young Men's Republican Tariff Club's smoker tommorrow night, is taking the coming battle very seriously and training faithfully in order to put his husky opponent out of his path. If he can dispose of Milko by the knockout route he feels that his future in the pugilistic firmament is assured. But Milko also is confident , and the fact that he carries a heavy punch in either fist and can assimilate enough punishment to put an ordinary man out makes Grebbs' task a tough one. "

During his career he changed his fighting name from Slavish sounding Mike Milko to the Irish sounding "Mickey Jerome", thinking that a more Irish sounding name might open up better opportunities for him.

Mike Milko retired from the boxing game in 1928 having fought in 73 bouts and many more amateur bouts. After he retired he continued to live in Munhall with his wife Anna V. Kostelnik . After boxing Mike was employed as a craneman in the 44-inch mill of the Homestead steel works.

In a newspaper interview taken when he was 75 years old Mike mentioned he was a father of eight boys and three girls, and 25 grandchildren. Five of Mike's boys served in World War II, two of whom (Raymond and Frank) were amateur boxers during their service days. He also stated "I've got my health and that's what counts." He also mentioned that he still "owns a pair of shoulders wide enough to take care of a tank and flashes biceps that are more than respectable looking."




RECORDED RING RECORD (AMATEURS, PROS, EXH): 18wins - 5 losses - 28 Ko's -draw - 10 ND's - 12 Exh.- (73 total bouts)

 selected bouts

AMATEURS (1908-1912)
unknown	19??	??? Summerlee			Penns.			3 rnds

Nov 17	1909	Teddy Sexton			Penns.			KO 1 (win)
Nov 18	1909	Jack   Lewis			Penns.			L 3 (loss)
Dec 17	1909	Joe  Showski			Penns.			KO 2 (win)
Dec 18	1909	Abe  McMolle			Penns.			L 3 (loss)

Mar 30	1910	Battling Nelson			Penns.			EXH. 3 rnds		
May 4	1910	Ad    Wolgast			Penns.			EXH. 3 rnds
Oct 7	1910	John O'Connor			Penns.			KO 2
Oct 8	1910	John    Emery			Penns.			W 3
Oct 8	1910	Sam   Rosetta			Penns.			W 3
Oct 8	1910	Tom     Smith			Penns.			L 3
Dec 28	1910	Owen    Moran			Penns.			EXH 3 rnds
Dec 30	1910	Owen    Moran			Penns.			EXH 3 rnds

Feb 18	1911	John    Kihem			Penns.			W 8
Feb 25	1911	Albert Sahmude			Penns.			KO 3
Feb 25	1911	Sam   Rosetta			Penns.			KO 3
Dec 7	1911	Frank  Wilson			Penns.			KO 1
Dec 8	1911	Fred   Fresno			Penns.			KO 1
Dec 8	1911	Michael Angelo Stablow	Penns.			KO 3 

Feb 8	1912	Andy   Schube			Penns.			KO 2 (win) (Beginning of 3 day tournament) Schube may be spelled Schwab
Feb 10	1912	Solomon Dennison		Pitts.			KO 1 (win) (Milko fought Dennison,Strain, and Cook all in one day during the Tri-State boxing Tournament Championship Finals held in Waldemeir Hall.)
Feb 10	1912	A.J.   Strain			Pitts.			KO 1  Milko dislocated Strain's shoulder during bout.-  (Milko fought Dennison,Strain, and Cook all in one day during the Tri-State boxing Tournament Championship Finals held in Waldemeir Hall.)
Feb 10	1912	John     Cook			Pitts.			KO 2  (Milko fought Dennison,Strain, and Cook all in one day during the Tri-State boxing Tournament Championship Finals held in Waldemeir Hall.)
Mar 22	1912	John Kirkwood			Pitts.			KO 2 (win)
Mar 28	1912	E. E.  Harris			Pitts.			W 3
Mar 29	1912	John  O'Latta			Pitts.			KO 2  (An AmateurTournament at Turner Hall)Opponents name may be spelled "Latta"
Mar 30	1912	Merle Ashbaugh			Pitts.			W 3 (semi-finals in tournament)
Mar 30	1912	Victor Wright			Pitts.			KO 2 (final bout in tournament)
Apr 16	1912	William Cumpston		Pitts.			KO 1 (Win)  (during the A.A.U. Middle Atlantic Association Championship Boxing Tournament) 135 pound class.
Apr 17	1912	Victor Wright			Pitts			W 3  (during the A.A.U. Middle Atlantic Association Championship Boxing Tournament) 135 pound class.


PROS (1912-1928)

Oct 29	1912	Red  Robinson			Duquesn			6 rnds  (The two fighters kept fighting and had to be pulled apart by the referee for failing to hear the bell).
Dec 29	1912	Kid      Kentz			Penns.			TKO 4 (Kid Kentz was from the Northside of Pittsburgh)

Oct 22	1913	Harry    Greb			Pitts.			ND 6 (some newspapers say it was a draw, and other say Milko won)
Oct 27	1913	Kid     Marks			Pitts.			ND Win	(according to page 11 of the Pittsburgh Post the next day the two fighters "put up a rattling bout".)
Nov 17	1913	Harry    Greb			Pitts.			ND 6  (L news)

unknown	19??	Jimmie   Gray			Tune City		TKO 5 (Milko broke Gray's jaw in two places in the first round)(fought between years 1912-1916)
unknown	19??	Jimmy   Gray			unknown			Draw
unknown	19??	Kid      Kenz			Penns.			W 6
unknown	19??	Kid      Kenz			Penns.			TKO 3
Nov 3	19??	Red  Cumpsten			Homestead		unknown
unknown	19??	Jack    Perry			unknown			unknown  (fought between years 1913-1916)
Feb 13	19??	Battler Jones			unknown			KO 2 (fought on friday the 13th. It was said Mike Milko was wearing Stanley Ketchel's boxing trunks that night.)
unknown	19??	Joe    Bedell			unknown			Draw 6  (fought between years 1913-1916)
unknown	19??	Steve  Pendro			unknown			unknown  (fought between years 1913-1916)
unknown	19??	Willie  Scott			unknown			unknown  (fought between years 1913-1916)
unknown	19??	Jack    Clark			unknown			unknown  (fought between years 1913-1916)
unknown	19??	Scotty Martin			unknown			unknown 
Feb 17	19??	Harvey "Battling" Sherbine	Duquesn		unknown
unknown	19??	Butchy  Moore			unknown			unknown
unknown	19??	Jimmy   Perry			unknown			unknown
unknown	19??	Butch   Moore			unknown			unknown  (Butch Moore was a heavyweight)
unknown	19??	Charley  Dunn			Penns.			unknown  (Charley done weighed 165 pounds, Mike Milko weight 135 pounds)
unknown	19??	Young Bob Fitzsimmons	Pitts.			unknown  (could have been pro,amateur or exh.)
Jan 31	19??	K.O.  Brennan			Homestead		unknown


unknown	19??	Frank   Klaus			Penns.			EXH.  
unknown	19??	Kid   Stinger			unknown			EXH
unknown	19??	Tom "Muck" Conlin		unknown			EXH



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