Kid Manuel


Kid Manuel was an Italian middleweight from Erie Pennsylvania. He was managed by Nick Pistory. It was printed that he was 20 years old in 1916, so this would mean he was born in aproximately 1896. It was stated that he was "an aggressive fighter and posses a wicked right overhand punch that does damage everytime it lands. Manuel is also a clever man, a cool boxer and displays good generalship." It is also said he had a very good "long distance"jab with a "clever left lead". Kid Manuel had a "familiar racket of leading with that classy left and then getting inside or under the return."

In a March 2, 1916 article in the Pittsburgh Press it was said that "Kid Mauel has a host of followers in his hometown (Erie) and in Buffalo, Rochester, N.Y., and other cities."

The following are exerpts from the April 16, 1916 Pittsburgh Press article written by Jim Jab. It describes some of the Kid Manuel vs. Al Grayber fight: ".......Manuel interposed objections and the result was a battle that stirred rooters to the limit. The last minute was a thriller. The gladiators cut loose their best in an aim to count heavily. Grayber was bleeding freely from a sore nose and laceration over the eye, and resembled a red man as he strove to send over a soaker that would score him a decision by the sleep route. It wasn't brought forth, and so the affair ended with partisans shreiking that their man was a sure winner. Manuel had the Lawrenceville gang with him to a man. Had not Manuel begged off more than some in the third and forth frames his prospects of triumph would have been better in the writers mind."




May 24	1915	Battling Kopin	Penns.		ND 10
Dec 20	1915	Jerry   Cole	Penns		ND 10 (Draw)

Feb 17	1916	Battling Kopin	Penns.		ND 10 (Draw)
Mar 11	1916	Whitey Wenzel	Penns.		ND 10 (Loss)
Apr 1	1916	Harry   Greb	Pitts.		ND 6 (loss)
Apr 6	1916	Jerry   Cole	Erie		Win (The exact date was aproximately the week of around April 6)
Apr 15	1916	Al   Grayber	Pitts.		ND 6 (Win) (Pittsburgh Press had Al Grayber winning)
Apr 29	1916	Al   Grayber	Pitts		ND 6 (Loss) (Pittsburgh press had it a Draw)
June 3	1916	Harry   Greb	Pitts		KO'd by 1 (loss)
Oct 7	1916	Al   Grayber	Pitts		ND 6 (loss)

Oct 24	1919	Jack Sullivan	NewYork		ND 6 (loss)
Dec 29	1919	Al   Grayber	Ohio		KO'd by 7 (loss)