Terry Kellar







Terry Kellar has fought Hall of Famers Jack Dempsey, Harry Greb and Sam Langford.

Terry Kellar sparred with Jack Dempsey many a time and even fought him in the ring twice. The Altoona Mirror Newspaper (March 13,1919) had this to say about their first fight, "No doubt you have heard of the wonderful showing he (Kellar) made in this city against Jack Dempsey. That was at the time Dempsey was knocking them all out in one round. Kellar met him right after his event with fred Fulton. Their fight was one that will long be remembered by the fans of this city.

The first three rounds were full of action all the way. Kellar landed several good blows during the first three frames, but in the fourth round he went under cover. Dempsey rained blow after blow on Kellar in the fourth round, but without effect. Kellar was not fighting back.

When the fifth round opened and Kellar still remained under cover, Referee Lou Bauman of Cincinnati, halted the battle long enough to see why Kellar did not return the blows. An investigation showed that Kellar's right hand was injured and that one of the ligaments was strained so bad that his hand was badly swollen. Rather than see the fight go on, with kellar having only one hand , Bauman stopped the fight.

Dayton fans were told by Bauman as to the reason for stopping the fight. All gave Kellar much credit for staying the last two rounds. For gameness there is little doubt but if his equal is in the ring.









 selected bouts

Oct 19
Mar 3	1914	Otto   Flint			London		TKO 5 (win)
Oct 7	1914	Jim   Coffey			NewYork		TKO'd by 9
Oct 31	1914	Battling Levinsky		NewYork		ND 10

Feb 1	1915	Dan (Porky) Flynn		Ohio		Draw 15
May 27	1915	Tony    Ross			Ohio		Draw 10
Oct 5	1915	Dick  Gilbert			unknown		L 15
Oct 19	1915	Dick  Gilbert			unknown		Draw 15
Nov 5	1915	Fred  Fulton			Minnes.		KO'd by 4
Dec 2	1915	Dick   Gilbert			unknown		L 15
Dec 3	1915	Billy  Miske			unknown		Draw 10

Mar 30	1916	Tom (Bearcat) McMahon	MD			Draw 15
May 3	1916	Jack  Dempsey			Utah		L 10
Jun 20	1916	Tom (Bearcat) McMahon	MD			L 10
Jun 30	1916	Bill "KO" Brennan		NewYork		ND 10
Oct 7	1916	Jack  Dempsey			Nevada		L 10

Mar 27	1917	Jim   Coffey			NewYork		TKO'd by 3
May 8	1917	Al     Reich			NewYork		KO'd by 5

Jan 1	1918	Homer  Smith			unknown		KO'd by 3
Jan 4	1918	Harry   Greb			Penns.		ND 10 (L news)
Aug 17	1918	Jack  Dempsey			unknown		KO'd by 5
Aug 26	1918	Jack  Dempsey			Ohio		KO'd by 5

Mar 18	1919	Jim    Hosick			Ohio		ND 10 (win)
Jun 9	1919	Martin  Burke			NewOrl.		L 15
Aug 11	1919	Harry   Greb			Ohio		L 15

Apr 1	1920	Homer   Smith			unknown		KO'd by 4
Dec 9	1920	Sam  Langford			WA			L 6