Jack Reeves







--the following is a letter written by Jack Reeves on Nov 18, 1977--

"Dear Sir,

Feb 22,1924 I fought Harry Greb at the Oakland Auditorium. He was middleweight Champion of the world at the time. Greb was not a great boxer nor a great puncher but he had great speed and never stopped coming at the opponent and never seemed to tire. Greb was considered one of the all time greats. I lost the decision from him but a few weeks later I fought Tommy loughran, then the world light heavyweight champion, to a packed house also at the Oakland Auditorium. I lost a ten round decision to Loughran.

I beat George Chip a former middleweight champion in twelve rounds at Tulsa Oklahoma. Also beat Fay Keiser at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Most of my fights were here on the Pacific Coast, against Battling Ortega, Bert Colima and all the middleweight and light heavys of the day. I fought many times in Tulsa Oklahoma and Dallas Texas. It was in Dallas when I broke a scaffoid bone in my right wrist against young Fitzsimmons. I won the fight but I was never the same afterwards so I quit and went into the wholesale meat business with my two brothers. Sorry sir but I have no picture of how or when I was in the fight game.

With best wishes, I am sincerely yours,

Jack Reeves"


The picture of Jack Reeves in the ring with George Chip was supplied by Tony Triem - World Boxing Historian.



confirmed bouts

Nov 13	1919	Battling Ortega		Calif.		Draw 4
Dec 10	1919	Battling Ortega		Calif.		L 4
Sep 6	1920	George  Chip		Tulsa,O		W 12
Mar 17	1922	Fay   Keiser		NewYork		W 8
Apr 18	1922	Young Bob Fitzsimmons	NewYork	L DQ 10
Jan 17	1923	Mike  McTigue		England		KO'd 2
May 16	1923	Bert  Colima		Oakland		L 4
Dec 11	1923	Bert  Colima		Calif.		Draw 6
Feb 22	1924	Harry   Greb		Calif.		L 4
Feb 18	1925	Tommy Loughran		Calif.		L 10