Jack London

Jack London was a middleweight who fought such great boxers as Johnny Wilson, Harry Greb, Mike McTigue and Fred Fulton. Jack London fought out of Harlem New York. His greatest victory was a win against tuff heavyweight contender Fred Fulton in 1917.

The picture above may not be the middleweight Jack London who fought Greb. Jack London weighed 162 pounds when he fought Greb in 1917. The above pictured was dated much later, 1925,and the man doesn't look heavy enough to be a middleweight. Also, the Jack London who fought Greb also fought and beat tuff heavyweight Fred Fulton in 1917 when Fred weighed around 220 pounds. The man above doesn't look like he could beat a big heavyweight. The Jack London pictured above may be the lightweight who fought in the mid to late 1920's in Utah. If anyone has pictures of either Jack London (the middleweight or lightweight) please email me so I can verify which Jack London this is.



The following is a New York Times article from September 15, 1917 after Jack london fought Harry Greb:

Greb Gains The Honors

No Glory, However, Attached to Knockout Over Jack London --

Harry Greb, the Pittsburgh light-heavyweight, signalized his introduction to New York's boxing public last night at the St. Nicholas A.C. by scoring a technical knockout victory over Jack London, a comparatively unknown boxer of Harlem, who was substituted at the last minute for the Zulu Kid of Brooklyn.

It was announced that the latter was refused permission to go on with the bout. Greb's victory came in the ninth round, with the session one minute more to go, when referee Billy Roche waved London to his corner after it had been made apparent that he was in danger of a knockout.

The victory, however, carries little of glory with it for Greb. He showed that he was a willing mixer and could strike a heavy blow, but he lacks coolness, judgement of distance, and experience. In fact, if London had been better fortified with the last named quality he would have made a much better showing. As it was, the Harlem boxer lost many golden opportunities to accomplish something. In the ninth session one of Greb's heavy right hand blows landed on London's jaw and sent him down. The Harlem boxer just managed to get up before "ten", but he was still groggy and Greb soon had him too helpless to protect himself. Then the bout was stopped.



 selected bouts

Jan 17	1910	Young Sammy Smith	Phila.		KO'd by 6 (loss)

Apr 27	1917	Fred  Fulton		NewYork		KO 9 (win)
Aug 6	1917	Battling Levinsky	NewYork		TKO'd by 4 (loss)
Sep 14	1917	Harry   Greb		NewYork		TKO'd by 9 (loss)

Jun 27	1918	Jamaica  Kid		NewJer.		KO'd by 2 (loss)

Dec 25	1919	Johnny Wilson		M.A.		KO'd by 2 (loss)

Apr 29	1920	Mike McTigue		Canada		KO'd by 2 (loss)

unknown	1921	Tony Marullo		unknown		KO'd by 1 (loss)

Photo of Jack London was supplied by Tony Triem