George Lewis



George Lewis started out as a welterweight boxer from Toledo, Ohio. His full name was George Lewis Todd, but dropped the last name "Todd" and started fighting under the name George Lewis.


---Below is a newspaper article about George Lewis. The single picture shown above(that says george lewis todd) was also with the article in the February 9, 1913 issue of The Pittsburgh Press newspaper, page 5.

"Promising young welterweight boxer of Toledo, Ohio and winner of the 145-pound class at the recent tourney of the Pittsburgh Athletic association. He will in all probability go into the professional ranks in the near future, and will make his first appearance in a local ring. Todd will be under the nom de plume of George Lewis. Todd is well known in Buffalo, where he won the amateur welterweight championship in 1911. He made a favorable impression at the P.A.A. meet and the general opinion was that he is the best amateur boxer that has appeared here for many a day."


---Below is another newspaper article about George Lewis a year after he turned professional. The triple picture shown above was also with the article in the January 25, 1914 issue of The Pittsburgh Press newspaper, page 5.


George Lewis Rolls Puff Paste for a Living, But Earns Fame as Real Slammer in Ring

A puncher among pastry cooks? Doesn't sound right, does it? Hardly, but just the same Greater Pittsburgh honors a man of that vocation who can sling his handle as easy as he can roll puff paste. This citizen, however, isn't like the ordinary biffer. Holding down a fine position, George Lewis, for that's his name, doesn't go around importuning matchmakers to give him handouts in the way of sub-bouts. Lewis is ready and willing to show his speed , but not simply for the fun that's supposed to be in the sport of soaking your neighbor. Lewis will go on and give a fine display of boxing and battling, but only on the basis that the laborer is worthy of his hire, a principle that can be set down as being close to the nail head.

Over a year ago rumor was wafted through glove circles that a husky youth employed at the P.A.A. could slam, slip, and squirm in the circle. A native of a farm lot near Toledo Ohio, this boy, it was announced by reliable men, had competed amoung the "ams" in Philadelphia and Buffalo and gone well into the front rank by reason of a soporific spank in his right mawley. Principally amoung his exploits in Buffalo was a real tryout against that patriarch of ring trickery, Mike "twin" Sullivan.

Less than a week after George had been put through the Sullivan crucible, friends induced him to enter an amateur carnival. Lewis drew two tough bouts in one night, but he was equal to the job and beat his foes to the floor, winning the welterweight championship of the Bison City.

Lure of lucre attracted George to the pro stage. He drove into ththat end of the recreation like an old-timer who had "come back" stamina in his make-up. Patrons of a pound social at Labor Labor Temple were abashed one night when one George Lewis, a newcomer, made Hooks Evans, of Beltzhoover, trot his fastest in order to gain a dead heat. Lewis came on unheralded, and his going made some fellows howl "ringer" a title not desreved, for George made no effort to sneak into a class lower than where he properly belonged. Neither did he decieve as to his experience.

Ma Lewis lives near Toldeo and occuples a cozy cottage given by her dutiful son. Some of these days there will be a mortgage burning in that domicile, and the Bill Joneses of the neighborhood will no doubt say "that Lewis boy certainly must slap 'em hard and often." Abilty to deliver a stinger de luxe shows clearly that George Lewis leads the simple life.



 selected bouts

unknown	1913	Young Thomas	unknown		KO 3 (win) (This was his first fight as a professional)
unknown	1913	Jack  Dillon	unknown		Exh. 3
unknown	1913	Hooks  Evans	Pitts.		W 6
Apr 28	1913	Whitey Wenzel	Ohio		Draw 6 (pittsburgh press called it a win for George Lewis)
unknown	1913	Frank Styperck	unknown		KO 6
unknown	1913	Jack  Tuttle	unknown		W 4
unknown	1913	Eddie (Kid) Kelley	unknown	KO 1
unknown	1913	Jack Kerrigan	unknown		KO 2
unknown	1913	Gilly  Allen	unknown		KO 1 (this fight may have taken place in january of 1914)

May 25	1914	Harry   Greb	Pitts.		ND 6 (loss)
Jul 27	1914	Harry   Greb	Ohio		ND 10 (loss)
Oct 12	1914	Whitey Wenzel	Pitts.		ND 6 (win)
Nov 28	1914	Whitey Wenzel	Pitts.		ND 6 (loss)

Mar 17	1915	Kid   Murphy	India.		Draw
Aug 13	1915	Cuppy  Logan	Ohio		Draw 6

Apr 27	1916	Kid    Graves	Ohio		ND 10  (loss)
Nov 11	1916	Frank Maguire	Penns.		ND 10 (no contest)

Apr 24	1919	Billy  Weeks	Ohio		KO'd by 10
Jun 6	1919	Elmer  Hogan	Michi.		ND 10 (win)

Apr 7	1921	Johnny Newton	Ohio		ND 10  (draw)
May 23	1921	Jack  Carney	Ohio		ND 8  (draw)
May 25	1921	Johnny   Karr	Ohio		TKO'd by 9
May 30	1921	Johnny Newton	Ohio		ND  (win)