George Chip

Pictured above is Harry Greb facing off with George Chip.

Pictured above is George Chip with Jack Blackburn in 1914.

The above photo was supplied by Tony Triem




Below is information on the 4 fights that George Chip fought against Harry Greb:


Oct18 ---George Chip vs Harry Greb --------Duquesne Garden, Pitt. Pa.-------------ND 6---(Draw or Greb loss)news----Joe Donnelly

- Chip won the newspaper decision according to the Pittsburgh Post. This fight was not nearly as exciting as some of Greb's other battles. Greb seemed nervous and didn't really fight in his usual style until the last two rounds. Also, he held a lot. Chip's big round was the fourth when he had Greb nearly out after connecting with a hard left cross, squarely to the mouth.



June26---George Chip vs Harry Greb ---------Coliseum, New Castle, Pa.-------------ND 10--(Chip won)---M.J. McHale

- Chip won the newspaper decision according to the Pittsburgh Post. "The aggressive, never-say-die spirit the former titleholder displayed in keeping after his nimble opponent earned him the victory in the last half of the encounter. The heat and exertion seemed to bother the Pittsburgher more.." However, it was close. Greb won the 1st, 3rd, and 5th rounds. Chip won the others, but the 2nd and 4th were very close.



May22---George Chip vs Harry Greb ------------Exposition Hall, Pitt. Pa.------------------ND 10---(Greb wins)----Ed Kennedy

Attendance: 2,500(est.) Gate: $7,093.00 -Greb got 33 1/3% ($2,340.69), Chip 30%

-Greb "further dimmed the star of George Chip." (Sandusky Star Journal) The Pittsburgh Post reported that Greb won clearly, but had a tough battle. It was an excellent fight before a crowd of 4,000. Chip was the aggressor in the early rounds, but Greb took that role in the last five. Greb threw more punches, landed more,and did damage. Chip fought very well and was the harder hitter. The Post had Greb winning seven rounds, including four of the last five. Sportswriter Harry Keck said that was one of the best fights seen in Pittsburgh in years. There were no knockdowns but Chip was in trouble in round four from a right to the jaw.


Nov19---George Chip vs Harry Greb --------------Heucks Opera House, Cincinnati,Ohio-ND 10---(Greb wins)----Frank Mills

promoted by the Queen City A.C. -Greb recieved a purse of $750.00

-Greb won by "a comforable margin." (Indianapolis Star) According to the Pittsburgh Post, Greb won the first round easily, Chip the second with jabs, and Greb took the 34rd, 4th, and 5th. The 6th and 7th were even. Greb hurt Chip in the 8th with a right cross and followed up with a succession of body blows. Chip was again in bad trouble in the 9th. He tried to rally in the 10th and went for a knockout but Greb outfought him and so won decisively.