Tommy Gavigan

Written October 10, 1913:


Tommy Gavigan is a candidate for international pugilistic honors. He will be one of a party of seven battlers sailing with promoter Dan McKettrick Oct 10 from New York to Paris. Frank Moran, former Clevelander makes the trip. He fights Jack Johnson in Paris Dec 23.

Gavigan has been promised a bout in Paris within two weeks of the day he arrives at the French capital. French promoters have agreed that, if Tommy makes good there in two fistic engagements, he shall be given a match with George Carpentier, the idol of the ring in France.

Tommy will have to give about 10 pounds to Carpentier, who is a light-heavyweight, for they will scrap at catch weights and Tommy is a middleweight.


July 13, 1915

Harry Greb Victor Over Tom Gavigan In Six-Round Bout

Maniacal mauling. That's the only name for "Ickie" Greb's ring stunts. No other comes close. Garfield's goblin-eyed youth was at his old tricks last night and thus scored a fine triumph over Tommy Gavigan, Cleveland's middleweight. Like all ringsters who haven't tested "Ickie's" strength and stamina, Gavigan was disposed to smirk at the early wild man rushes and slams of the local lad. Every round after the forst Gavy's smile became more ghastly until in the fifth and sixth it had dissipated in the entirety. Tommy had neither time nor inclination to chirp over the situation. He was too leg weary and his main efforts were directed toward staving off the demon like dashes of the fiery Greb.

Once in the fifth inning Gavigan sent home his best bet, something he had been laying for, viz a terrific drive to the paunch. The blow caught "Ickie" full bent on election, and the thump was heard over the hall. Did it slow up Garfield's goer? Naw. It only made him fight more furiously. He cut loose with arms, hands and feet in a more determined effort to floor the man who dared hand him a soaker.

"Ickie's" never-say-die tactics were the feature of the fuss. Barring the first round when Gavigan carried the gage of combat and steamed in his long left and right swing Greb seemed to be on top. Gavigan later on erred in waiting on the tiger from Garfield. He didn't lead. Greb's rushes had to be met. Tommy essayed a doubling of these assaults by a lock and a block. These tugging teas sapped the Ohio veteran's stamina and he finally was unable to stand up and try to shoot his blows through the openings Greb was bound to make in his savage attacks.

Gavigan was tired to the limit as the fifth belled an end. He actually staggered to his corner. The final fray was a repetition of the fifth. Greb though bleeding freely from a severe cut lip, waded in, whaled right and left, forcing his foe to cringe, cower and cover to avoid a rain of slaps and snaps. Ickie may be short on science but he is all there on the fight part of the sport. He never sets for a punch but is ever shooting his mawleys forward hoping that they find some mark and they generally do. These thrusts may only sting but they wear and tear likewise. Greb carried the most visible punishment but the sweltering shirt sleeve brigade at the show acclaimed him a victor and "Ickie" didn't mind his souvenirs.