June 1924, at Yankee Stadium. A group of fighters will do battle for the benefit of the Milk Fund. Among them is Harry Greb at the extreme left with hands on hips. The fighter being examined by the doctors is Young Stribling. To the right of Stribling, touching the back of the doctor is Ted Moore. In back of Ted is Gene Tunney. For the fund Greb fought Ted Moore on June 26.

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TICKET...Young Stribling v. future Light Heavyweight Champion Tommy Loughran, Middleweight Champion Harry Greb v. Ted Moore and future Heavyweight Champion Gene Tunney v. Ermino Spalla...June 26, 1924...New York...A full ticket...Captioned "Milk Fund Boxing Show", the fighters aren't named...Stribling decisioned Loughran in 6 rounds, Greb decisioned Moore in 15 and Tunney stopped Spalla in 7..