When Harry passed away one of the pallbearers was Gene Tunney whom he respected highly as a fighter. The funeral was at St. Philomeanas Church. Harry Greb is buried in Calvary C%metary in Hazelwood,Pittsburgh.


"But like all meteors that flash across the sky, Greb had to pass from the scene. Strangely enough, the incredible boxing career of this terror of the ring, ended with a dramatic suddeness because of a kind deed and thoughtful moment for the safety of his fellow men. For one rainy and dreary day, Harry Greb was driving over the Alleghenies. His car crossed the hill and descended to find two farmers parked across the road blocking the road with their farm wagons, as they were busy arguing about the right of way. To save the strangers from injury and possible death, Greb jammed on the brakes. His car overturned twice. He wound up in the hospital with a fractured nose. Later he had to have an operation on the bone near the base of the skull. As they wheeled him into the operating room, Harry Greb was talking of future boxing plans. That was how Harry Greb went into the operating room - talking, planning, boasting, still restless for more fights. But he never came out of the anaesthetic. He lapsed into a coma, and soon, the heart of a truly great fighting man was stilled forever. And the calendar on the wall said that the date was October 22nd, 1926."

taken from BOXING ILLUSTRATED January 1973.

Written by Bill Stern

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