Naomi Braden

(Harry Greb's fiancee)



Naomi Braden came from a large family with many brothers and sisters. The first two children died at birth. Then there were 5 sisters, 1 brother, then Naomi, and 2 more siblings after her. They lived on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania.

It is unkown how Harry and Naomi met. Unlike Harry's late wife Mildred, who passed away in 1920, Naomi was never a dancer.

Naomi never talked that much about Harry Greb after his death. Family said that Naomi would always start to cry when talking about him, so no one ever asked her any questions. A few years later she sat down and talked to her brother about Harry. He didn't think too much of Harry as a person, and didn't like that she was dating him.

Naomi did know that Harry had lost his sight in one eye. She had promised Harry that she wouldn't say anything to anyone. She never told anyone until after Harry's death when she finally told her brother.

Naomi was to marry Harry about 6 or 7 weeks after his death, so that would make it around the end of November or the first part of December of 1926. In the New York Times dated October 23, 1926 it stated "His fiancee, Miss Naomi Braden of Pittsburgh, was at his side when the end came."

She did eventually marry a man a few years later by the name of Jake Goldstein. They lived in Florida for many years where they owned a Hotel/Resort of the beach. Naomi passed away around 1970.

--Information about Naomi Braden was supplied by Sally Braden, Naomi Braden's Great Niece.

The above photo was also supplied by Sally Braden and is estimated to have been taken around the late twenties to early thirties.




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